Engineers Without Borders is a leading global organization dedicated to the development of technical capabilities in areas of the world where poverty and suffering can be found. Though traditionally the majority of our work is done overseas, we work with local organizations to provide support as well as to prepare our members for our missions abroad.

Through our projects we strive to provide empowerment and independence to our friends in need. By reducing the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable groups and providing a method by which they can be autonomous, we hope to create a "spark" which will ignite their desire to have control of every aspect of their lives.

The challenges we face are far ranging, from social and political to technical and cultural issues. The James River Professional Chapter along with our sister Chapters have the experience and knowledge to confront these issues in a positive manner. We collaborate with a wide range of organizations to design and implement our projects.

This site was developed to provide information about the James River Professional Chapter of Engineers without Borders and its activities.


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